Lying on the western shore of Lake Batur, along the roller-coaster road from Kedisan to Songan, the resort village of Toya Bungkah features an invigorating hot springs, massive cinema scopic views. Many travelers choose to stay in Toya Bungkah because there are many hotels or cottages are available on that place.

Toya Bungkah gets busy only during July and August, otherwise there's little traffic or motorboat noise. Just roosters crowing, flies buzzing, children playing, and pool balls socking. There are worse places to stay for a few days. Free of city lights, at night the stars are brilliant and the air fresh.

Popular tourist activities include bathing in the hot springs, fishing, touring the lake via motorized boat and visiting Trunyan and/or the cemetery on the other side of the lake, walking along the scenic shore, getting up at 3 AM from Toya Bungkah to climb Mount Batur, or simply hanging out and enjoying the view and the cool air.